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Interview with IMG The team asked our new Director for Sales and Service, Jens Schuldt, for an interview. We are pleased to be able to give you a little insight into our service portfolio. Ship Recyling as the Alternative to Ship Cemeteries This is the declared objective of the Fraunhofer Institute for Large Structures in Production Engineering IGP, Cuxhaven-based start-up Leviathan Technologies and IMG from Rostock. Professor Wilko Flügge, chief of operations of the Fraunhofer Institute, Leviathan-CEOs Simeon Hiertz and Karsten Schumacher, together with IMG-CEO Stefan Säuberlich, signed a letter of intent to that effect, stating their ambition to jointly navigate projects in ship recycling. Laser hybrid welding in the shipbuilding industry As a specialist for innovative welding technologies and complex plant solutions, IMG began developing and integrating the laser hybrid welding process for industrial applications more than 17 years ago. This process combines the advantages of laser welding with those of arc welding: high welding speed, low heat input and good gap bridging. From planning to implementation - IMG supports the Chinese shipbuilding industry After our project was completed in 2018, now the civil construction of China’s first covered drydock and an innovative pre-fabrication complex has been started. We are very proud that our planning results become reality and that we can also supply cutting-edge welding technology to the new shipyard. Covid crises as opportunity Especially in difficult times like this year, we concentrate on further developments. Therefore IMG, as consortium leader, has started the research project “IntRobAS – Intelligent Robot Systems in One-off Production in Shipbuilding”.