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Large pipe structures Solutions for efficient cutting, mounting and welding

Fabrication of large pipe structures

IMG has developed an automated production line during a research project in order to reduce production costs in manufacturing foundation structures for offshore wind parks. The constructions costs of offshore wind parks cumulate in correlation to increased performance and hub height. Making cost efficient production processes for foundation structures like jackets a necessity. This mainly includes the complicated production of pipe nodes and pipe-to-pipe connections frequently found in lattice tower-like constructions. In addition to lengthy production times, seam quality replication cannot be guaranteed, due to the manual nature of the production in these high-stress environments. The huge dimensions of the pipes that are to be joined, the uneven and often imprecise seam preparation as well as a multitude of different pipe types and plate thickness, turn automated solutions into a real challenge. This is the reason IMG mbh has developed a concept to cover future demand in the expected quality and seen its realisation within a planned production line.

Cutting and Mounting System

This newly developed cutting and mounting system offers a multitude of invaluable single functions. The installation handles length and contour cutting quickly, as well as the handling of large-scale pipes. Our innovative robot program uses the actual topology of the main pipe to produce an exact cutting contour for the joining pipe (pipe stub). Existing discrepancies are calculated and constructively used to create edge parameters which are then taken into account by the welder during the production process. The installation is movable and can serve several work stations. Cut and clamped joining pipes can be adjusted to fit angle positions and be placed precisely on the main pipe. Additional equipment to secure the position is unnecessary. This easy access to the module simplifies the subsequent joining of the single components. Our installation concept considerably reduces mounting, transport and handling efforts while providing a comfortable and safe work process in single as well as series production mode.

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Clamping and Handling Device

The clamping and handling device enables us to permanently rotate and clamp heavy construction parts and complex structures. This device is easily integrated into production lines. It ensures correct placement of the workpiece throughout the entire production process. The longitudinal axis exists as the robot's rotating axis. The clamped workpiece can be fitted with additional pipe stubs in combination with the cutting and mounting system without having to use a crane. 

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Robot Welding Gantry with Tilting Table

The gantry serves as a base for the welding robot and the welding support robot. There are 11 robot axes in total that can be used during welding. The welding support robot is used in "slave mode" to clean the brushes and grinders of the interlayers. The welding system is movable on tracks so as to supply the tilting table with the clamping and handling device. The tilting table is an additional component of the pipe welding system. Designed as the longitudinal axis of the welding portal, the tilting table enables continuous PA position welding together with the rotating axis of the changing frame during the automated welding process.

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