Flat panels | Panel production
Efficient panel production lines with varying degrees of automation and mechanisation

Flat Panels

The flat panels (stiffened plates) are produced on panel lines. Production lines for flat panels are generally conducted as flow lines. Even capacity of all work stations is of paramount importance when it comes to maintaining and guaranteeing a well-balanced work flow. The final turning (and if necessary mounting) into flat sections takes place at the end of the panel line or in the volume and block section.

General illustration of a panel line for the production of flat panels:

(A) One-sided / Two-sided welding station
(B) Turn over station for plate plane 
(C) Cutting and marking gantry
(D) Profile fitting and tack welding gantry (provision area with profile pallets and/or profile pallet carriage)
(E) Fillet welding gantry (with adapted number of welding heads)
(D/E) Alternatively: combined profile fitting and fillet welding gantry
(F) Mounting gantry (optional: vertically welding gantry, conventional and robotized)
(G) Service gantry

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