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Accurate, productive, individual Attributes of our machining centres

Machining centres for profile and pipe production

Special machines for productivity and dimensional accuracy

When prefabricating individual parts in shipbuilding and structural steelwork the rod-shaped components profiles and pipes are of great importance. Considerable increases in productivity and also improvements in the dimensional accuracy of the parts can be achieved through optimally designed production lines and special machines.

IMG supplies production lines and special machines for profile and pipe prefabrication:

  • Automatic profile cutting lines with plasma and/or oxyacetylene cutting technology in all kinds of configurations regarding transport and additional facilities (drying units, edge cleaning units and sorting systems)
  • Labelling machines for profiles, either as standalone systems or integrated into a transport line, to apply various kinds of labelling and marking such as part lettering, bending lines and markings for cutting to be done manually
  •  Automated pipe processing lines, starting with the pipe warehouse through to the cutting to size and flanging of the pipes up to the bending of the pipes, for which special machines (such as pipe bending machines) from leading makers are used
  • Pipe flange welding machines for the automatic flanging of pipes that have been cut to length.

The main focus in the profile and pipe production lines and special machines is on offline programming of the line and machine programs to attain the best possible rate of utilization of the systems. Increasing, such lines are equipped with a central controller that works together with the superordinated production planning and control systems.

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