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The self-image of IMG Characterized by sustainability and an awareness of responsibility


We know exactly where we want to go


We are a company with strong ideals. Attributes such as sustainability, responsibility, motivation, personal characteristics and innovation form our image of ourselves. We know exactly who we are and where we want to go.


The work of our company aims at creating lasting values. The focus of this is on the sustainable development of the company, its employees, of the corporate environment, of society and the economy as a whole.


Our products are manufactured exclusively in Germany. We maintain partner-like and long-term relationships to our employees, customers and suppliers under the quality seal of "Made in Germany". We regard giving the right answers to new trends as part of our responsibility.


The demands of our customers are our motivation. We want to have an exchange of information with our customers so that we can tackle the requirements of tomorrow even as of today.


Our employees form the basis of our success. We as IMG can meet the internationally increasingly more demanding requirements of the competition that we face through their dedication, coupled with technical skill, commitment and a great many good ideas.


We are ready to constantly develop ourselves further. In this way we succeed in developing visions and turning them in reality by working together with our customers. Our goal is to be able to react to global challenges with efficient technologies. We want to take part in structuring the future.