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Aircraft & aerospace

Bridging long distances with IMG

Air travel is not only of great importance to the German economy. It connects people and cultures around the entire globe and makes it possible for companies to open up new markets by air. In addition to individual mobility to all destinations, its big advantage is above all the speed and reliability of bridging long distances.  Aerospace is no less important. A large portion of the technologies that are taken for granted nowadays are based on aerospace technology and space travel. These include, for example, TV via satellite or modern traffic planning using satellite navigation systems. This means that for quite some time now that space travel has made a significant contribution to promoting research  &  development,  education and innovation, to creating  jobs for highly qualified people and to increasing our quality of life. IMG also wants to play a part in contributing to this by promoting development in the aircraft & aerospace sector.

We have already implemented the following for customers in these sectors:

  • Component manufacture/contract manufacture Amas
  • Jigs for aircraft construction
  • Training facilities for flight personnel