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Production lines

High productivity with innovation

Automated plant technology for complex large structures finds application in many areas of industry - regardless of whether it concerns a company that works with environmental technology or one in the energy sector, the transport industry or the construction sector. Classical examples of application are the panel line in shipbuilding or the production line for bridge panels in the construction industry. A new field of application is the efficient production of large pipe structures.

These allow you to achieve positive effects in terms of an increase in productivity and improvements in quality. They shorten the throughput times in production and improve the working environment for your employees.Our plant technology is optimally tailored to your needs, because it is important for us that our customers are involved in the development process. Your wishes, ideas and requirements, combined with our knowledge and capabilities, create an new dynamism of innovation. 

The production lines are made up of stationary and mobile facilities and have varying degrees of automation and mechanisation.

Constituent parts of our complex systems include the following units, among others:

    • welding gantries for one or two sided butt seam welding
    • turning devices, for example, to turn flat panels
    • gantries for marking and contour cutting
    • profile mounting and tack welding gantries
    • units for fillet seam welding
    • assembly gantries 
    • transport systems, e.g. roller conveyors, friction drives, chain conveyors, lifting and transport trucks
    • discharge facilities   
    • gantries for welding robots in combination with active 3D image recognition
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